What's the first step?

The first step is a conversation about your project, either in the workshop, over the phone or in your space. We want to learn about your vision. If you have images of style elements or other pieces that you like, or of your space and any other furniture you would like to compliment, bring those along. If there are types of wood that you warm to, particular dimensions or functions that are important to you, these can help us flesh out the perfect unique design for you. That said, if you need some guidance starting a concept from scratch that's no problem! It all starts with a conversation. 

How long will it take?

That depends on a few factors including how busy the shop is and the amount of work required for the piece, but as a guideline most pieces are ready for delivery within 6 to 8 weeks. Need something faster? Rush jobs are sometimes possible. Let's talk!

How much will it cost?

This is always difficult to answer before we have at least the bones of a design mapped out. If you'd like a general idea of pricing it may be helpful to take a look at some of our pieces currently available for purchase

Keep in mind that a handmade custom piece is an investment, and will almost always cost more than something mass produced. It is worth more. We offer our clients the best value possible for the quality we provide, and keep our pricing structure fair and simple: the price of materials plus labor billed hourly. 

Can you ship?

Absolutely! Let's talk. 

Have questions or want to schedule a consultation?

Just fill out the form below, or call us at 805-617-3324.  

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Why Keefrider

Every piece of furniture we create in our shop is an original, born of your unique vision, developed by our experienced and innovative designers, and brought to life through the hands of our skilled and devoted craftspeople. We don't have assembly lines or factories or pre-fabricated parts. When you work with Keefrider, the hand you shake at your first meeting will be the hand that designs and builds your piece, from scratch, right here in our Santa Barbara workshop. 

We've been making custom designed fine furniture for almost 20 years. The first rule in building a quality piece of furniture is choosing quality materials. Every piece we build begins by hand-picking hardwoods from sustainably harvested sources from all over the world. Next, we take our time to use traditional handcrafted joinery paired with modern precision tools to build a piece without compromises. Our high-quality stains and finishes are applied by hand, providing a beautiful and durable final touch. 

We take pride as well as pleasure in our work, and it shows in every Keefrider piece.  

Quality furniture is sustainable furniture

It used to be that furniture was appreciated as a work of art integral to our daily lives, and expected to be built to last. Think of your parents' or grandparents' pieces that were handed down through the generations. 

Today in many ways it seems that furniture has become disposable, and the more disposable it seems, the poorer quality it is made, and the more disposable it becomes. This is not only unsustainable and bad for our environment, but it also takes away from the great pleasure that can be had in owning a beautiful piece of furniture that really speaks to you, and that you can count on as a constant in your life.

Our furniture is designed for our clients, but it is built to last for generations. The result is a unique and functional work of art you'll love for many years to come.

And if your space or style changes? You don't discard a Keefrider piece. You sell it. Many of our clients have told us they have sold our work for more than they paid for it. That's sustainability we take pride in. 

Why custom

Furniture defines your space. Your bed, your dining table, your desk: These are the places where life is lived. They are important. A unique heirloom-quality piece that truly embodies your personal style in both form and function can change not just your space, but the life you live in it. Gathering with friends around the table that you designed, waking up in the bed you dreamed of, or just hearing the familiar sound of your keys on your walnut slab entrance table at the end of your day, makes your space feel truly your own.