Every piece of furniture we create in our shop is an original, born of your unique vision, developed by our experienced and innovative designers, and brought to life through the hands of our skilled and devoted craftsmen. We don't have assembly lines or factories. When you work with Keefrider, the hand you shake at your first meeting will be the hand that designs and builds your piece. Click below to learn more about how we will work with you to make your vision a beautiful and functional reality.

The Keefrider workshop is owned and operated by founding craftsman Jay Keefrider and his wife Sirie. Jay (above) trained in furniture design at the acclaimed Savanah College of Art and Design, and has been designing and handcrafting fine furniture for over two decades. His namesake workshop is a passion project for Jay, which allows him to get back to working more personally with his clients after years of leading a larger commercial shop. Click below to learn more about us.