Working with Keefrider

Every piece of Keefrider furniture begins with a conversation. We’ll meet with you face-to-face to get to know you, and what you are looking for in your custom piece. Some of our clients come to us with a very specific vision in their minds eye, others want their style and space to inspire the creativity of an experienced furniture designer. We love working all along this spectrum. In this consulting and design phase we work with our clients to develop a blueprint for their piece that they are excited to sign off on.

The next step is the careful selection of woods. Our craftsmen choose each board not just for a particular piece, but for a particular part of that piece. Different woods have different personalities, like any living thing. Some, like fiddleback maple, have gorgeous undulating grain structure that can be showcased in eye-catching surfaces of a piece. 

Others, like white oak, are more subtle, allowing the structure and design of a piece to take center stage. Woods are also carefully chosen for consistency in color and tone, as well as how they were cut, which affects sheer and tensile strength. 

Once the materials have been chosen, the build can begin. Attention to detail is paramount, and we are very particular about our traditionally crafted precision joinery, and hand-shaping sanding of every piece. Stains and finishes are also applied by hand, for a flawless and lasting final touch. 

The result of this painstaking labor of love is a unique and beautiful heirloom-quality piece of furniture, which reflects your vision and the dedication and care of our masterful craftsmen and designers. Your custom piece will be enriching your space and your life for years to come.