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Walnut Cocktail Table

with Glass and Shelf

Dresser front 2x3.jpg

Tansu Dresser

with Lichtenberg Figures


Floating Table

with Leaf


Arc Console Table

with Bloodwood Pulls

Detail Mahogany Library Steps.jpg

Radius library steps

with Hand-carved Upright

Dark Oak Endtable Pair.jpg

Charcoal oak end tables

with Tapered Legs and Shelves


carver TABLE

with Steel Hairpin Legs


Triptych Tables

with Maple and Glass Inlays

Houzz Walnut Live Egde Bed.jpg

Live-Edge walnut Bed

with Hidden Drawers

IMG_6597 copy.jpg

Crossbar Table

with Barrel Top

160901_KFR_002comp_rf_2 (1).jpg

queen of hearts table

with Fiddleback Maple Inlays (available for purchase in our online shop or at our workshop)

IMG_1165 (1).jpg

squared queens Poplar bunks

with Steel Ladder and Wall Mount

Cotterpin Photos 11-16-14 1.jpg

Lake dining table

with Tapered Legs

Lichtenberg Table.jpg

Tributary table

with Lichtenberg Figures

Butterfly table.png

Cracked slab table

with Tiger Maple Butterfly Tenons (available for purchase in our online shop or at our workshop)

3x4 Triptych 3.jpg

Triptych tables in steel

Black Walnut with Maple and Glass Inlays

McAbery Table angle view cleared BG.jpg

sculpted walnut console

with Brushed Stainless Base

Tansu Cabinet 2 by 3.jpg

tansu cabinet case

with Zebrawood Inlays